Swedish game education
Sweden is one of the leading nations in the world when it comes to the development of internationally respected and accessible games of the highest quality.

This is due to many things but because, among other things we have a culture not too dissimilar from most other Western countries, we are a people of high technical skills, good at working collectively, we often deliver on time and of course we have a great entrepreneurial approach. However, in order to maintain that position we need to have good education and research methods within the gaming.

For Sweden to be recognized as home to the world's best game development training facilities, requires regular dialogue between the industry and education development professionals. The Swedish Games Industry offers support members unique and direct contact between Swedish education and the Swedish gaming industry.

We invite all Colleges / Universities, Polytechnics and Qualified Vocational Training institutions with designs to educate future video game developers to seek membership in Spelplan-ASGD, which is a part of the Swedish Games Industry, interest group and trade association for game development companies in Sweden.

What do you get with a support membership in education?

  • Swedish Games Industry works so that industry representatives can participate in training management / advisory boards and quality work.
  • Swedish Games Industry aims to stimulate continuous dialogue with the KY-Agency and other interested agencies and organizations.
  • Swedish Games Industry works so that training may improve contact with industry firms.
  • Swedish Games Industry works to aid in internship placement management. We offer students a lecture on the gaming landscape and how best to apply for a job / internship.
  • Preferential discounts on computer game events organized by, among others Swedish Games Industry. We work particularly with "Student Day / Career expo" at the Nordic Game Expo to be as relevant as possible for training.
  • Events, workshops and lectures specially created to support members of the Swedish Games Industry.
  • Support Members have access to all benefits normally reserved for full members, apart from the ability to vote at member meetings or to hold a Board seat.

The Swedish Games Industry has an active HR team (HR managers from a number of major Swedish game companies) who meet regularly to discuss, among other things, collaborative efforts within education.

Being a support member involves having a relationship with the gaming industry. We are working together to make it as interesting as possible, because as a trade association we know that Sweden's future as a top gaming nation depends on training and education the right number of people with the right level of competency and skills.

We also know that our members are interested in having the best education possible so they can hire qualified staff. As a company, maintaining a good relationship level with all educations is difficult and ultimately it's up to the company to ensure its goals come first.

Game Training is often busy with training as well as maintaining a relationship with gaming companies, which is time consuming. This is one of the reasons why the Swedish Games Industry has chosen to focus on being a pivotal link between the two parties. It is a support membership which in its way emphasizes the importance of training to the industry whilst also showing a clear commitment to the students' future.

A successful investment in education and training will give Sweden a greater competitiveness within the gaming industry.

For more information on support membership, send an email to:

Spelutbildning logo

Stödmedlemmar i Spelplan-ASGD

Support member

Training specifically focused on computer games
Playground Squad, Falun
Graphics, programming and design

The Game Assembly, Malmö
Game graphics and game programming

Futuregames Academy, Stockholm
Game design and game graphics

University of Skövde
Graphics, programming and design

University of Uppsala
Department of Game Design

Other support members (non-training) who are interested in collaborative efforts between the gaming industry and education:

Gothia Science Park, Skövde

Teknikdalen Foundation, Falun

Swedish National Defence College, Stockholm


Swedish Games Industry is a joint organisation of ANGI Sweden and Spelplan-ASGD (Association of Swedish Game Developers).