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Continued Growth for Swedish Game Developers
Swedish video game developers continued their strong growth during 2012. All figures point upwards, with turnover increasing by 60 percent to 430 million euro. This is revealed by Game Developer Index, Swedish Games Industry's yearly compilation of Swedish developers' annual reports.

The industry has grown by 215 percent during 2010-2012. A growing majority of companies are profitable and reported an overall profit for the fourth consecutive year. Employment increases by 30 percent, or 455 full-time jobs, and the number of women increased by 39 percent. Swedish game developers are working with some of the world's biggest brands, from Star Wars and Mad Max to wholly domestic Battlefield and Candy Crush Saga. Some of the world's most played, sold and cherished games are developed in Sweden.

- 2012 Was another record-breaking year for Swedish game developers. By all accounts, 2013 will be even better. In recent years, the enormous progress has turned the excitement of making this report to how much rather than if the figures increase. A very pleasent situation for any industry and the result of the hard work of everyone involved, says Per Strömbäck, Spokesperson, Swedish Games Industry.

Game development is a growth industry. Over half of Sweden's studios were established after 2008. There are more active triple A projects than ever before and Sweden has world leading developers for virtually every platform.

An English translation of the Swedish report is currently in progress.

About Game Developer Index
Game Developer Index analyzes Swedish game developers' activities and international industry trends of the past year by compiling key figures from the respective companies' annual reports. Swedish game development is an export industry and acts on a highly globalized market.



Swedish Games Industry is a joint organisation of ANGI Sweden and Spelplan-ASGD (Association of Swedish Game Developers).